About me


My journey with the camera has started long time ago. With time I have changed many types of cameras and brands. That was time of manual cameras with the limited frames so every shot you wanna get you better think about it ( because almost every single time I had just one roll in and not many frames left ).

The change came more than decade ago during my duty in armed forces. Camera has been 24/7 with me in any situation. Most of pictures been documenting daily life of soldiers in missions and also back on base, during our excercises. My documentary instrument was Kodak Z 650 Ultra zoom which did great deal of work and helping me to bring back unforgetable moments from many places.

Today my equipment allow me to do way more things than it was before ,which is completely other level of photography. Canon 5D together with L serie lenses is my essential tool for my photojournalist work beside of others. My main interest is documentary – news photography and the portraits.

Enjoy your browsing..and if you like my work , give like or share it with friends. Comments allowed , just politely.

With friendly regards Karel.

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